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Take me home, country roads

I love getting to road trip whenever possible. I was so excited when Emily and Jake wanted to do their engagement session in their lil' country hometown, just south of Dayton.

I drove with my windows down, hair pulled back in a scrunchy, sunglasses on my face, singing along to my go-to country playlist.

It was my ideal day before I even got to this sweet couple or picked up my camera.

Emily was one of my softball teammates at the University of Dayton so this session was beyond special for me to capture. It was funny throughout our college years because she was dating a Jake and I was also dating a Jake - so there was Emily's Jake and Madeline's Jake.

Now we're both marrying our sweet Jakes! How does time go so fast, friends?

I'll be photographing their wedding this August and I could not be more excited about it.

Love love love these two!


"All she ever wanted was unpredictable kisses and unforgettable laughter."

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