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Maria and Golden Hour

One of the goals at the heart of my business is to always be learning and improving. This girl is hungry for knowledge.

Some of my favorite photos to take are during golden hour. (AKA the hour before the sun sets) The way the light acts is unlike any other time during the day. Since these types of pictures are some of my favorite, I've made it a point to take more of them! And to get really good at it.

As you may well know, taking the photograph is only half of the battle. Editing is so crucial in the life of photographers. We can't and most definitely don't just slap a filter on every picture we take and send it on it's way. In my eyes, each photo is a piece of artwork. The editing possibilities are truly endless. But not every photo is created equal and there are many varying factors in each one. It's my goal to find the most epic way to bring out the beauty already existing in the photo - to create something warm, real and moving.

My baby sister, Maria, was my first model when I started this business. And it was so so fun to spend some time with her yesterday. If you know Maria, I'm sure you'll agree that these photos truly capture her beauty in the deepest way. From her soft blue eyes to her curly hair.

As I'm sure you'll notice, I snuck in some photos too! Tehe.

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