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Mother's Day

I remember as a kid I would ask my mom why there was a "mother's day" and not a "kid's day" - her answer still rings true, "oh honey, that's because every day is the 'kid's day.'"

"If I know what love is, it is because of you."

I have been spending a lot of time with graduating University of Dayton seniors recently, but this particular session sticks out to me as extra special.

Knowing that their graduation is the same day as Mother's Day, these girls made signs to thank their mothers and to honor them.

I just adored this idea.

The beautiful thing about our mothers is that they are an incredible example of selfless love. Most of our mothers would literally go to war for us.

They devote their lives to making sure we know we are loved and cherished and capable of achieving amazing things.

I'm sure we could never count the number of nights they lay awake - listening to us cry as babies, covering their heads with their pillows while we screamed as toddlers, worrying about us as teenagers.

I'm also totally sure we are forever indebted to these women we are blessed to call our mothers.

And while I'm on the topic of amazing things about mothers, how about the fact that their hearts could literally burst when their children express love and gratitude to them?

From my understanding of mothers, it's these simple things that are the big things.

"Thank you for being my heart's first home."

And somehow, when things are constantly about the "kids", our mothers never complain.

Yes, UD graduation is on Mother's Day - but what better way to honor mothers than by achieving the goals they always wished for their kids?

Isn't that the heart of Mother's Day? Honoring mothers?

Maybe it's a bit of a stretch.

But I for one, am thankful these ladies tapped into the heart of Mother's Day.

I love the reminder they have given me to say thank you to my mom. For the big things and for the little things.

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